Supported Product Versions


Enli provides customer support for the two latest minor releases of each of our products. For older releases, we provide "best effort" customer support. "Best effort" customer support is provided with the understanding that if a newer release can resolve an underlying issue, we will recommend upgrading to the newer release.


How can I identify a minor release?

Enli denotes a minor release in the product version number.

Example: In version number 1.2.3, the number 1 is the major release and the number 2 is the minor release. The number 3 is a patch release.

If version 1.2.3 is the latest release, customer support is available for version 1.2.3 and one preceding minor release 1.1.x.



When will I need to upgrade?

Enli strongly recommends that you keep your Enli software updated to the latest release. With each release we provide new functionality and fixes based on customer feedback. Because we have a varied group of customers, Enli can develop innovative solutions for  workflows used by organizations of all sizes.  Even minor releases usually include many productivity improvements that can benefit your organization. To keep up with the latest features and improvements, we recommend that you upgrade every 6 to 12 months.


If you are running an older release, we strongly recommend that you upgrade as soon as possible to avoid support-related issues that have been resolved in newer releases. Also, if a patch is required, upgrading to the latest release is a prerequisite.



How do I get the upgrade process started?

For CareManager Disease Management, DocuSign for Patients, and Central Worklist please contact Enli Customer Support to schedule an upgrade.


For eScriptMessenger (eSM), Automated Clinical Messaging (ACM) and Document Management (formerly Docutrak) please contact GE  for the latest release. In most cases, you will be able to complete the upgrade without the need of GE or Enli assistance.

Phone: 1.888.436.8491       Email: [email protected]

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