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Standard Support

Standard Support is available free of charge to any customer who purchased an application license from Enli and has an active maintenance contract.  Standard Support for Enli applications includes:

  • Maintenance
  • Product updates
  • Technical Support during support hours of operation


Professional Services

Professional Services is a fee-based service that Enli provides in specific circumstances. To find out if  you have any Professional Services hours available from prior purchases, please contact Enli Customer Support.  Any remaining Professional Services hours will be billed at the rate assigned in the original contract.  Professional Services will be billed at a rate of  $225 per hour with a one-hour minimum.


Examples of typical Professional Services offered by Enli:

  • Initial installation and configuration   Certain Enli products that are not customer installable are sold with Professional Services included.  These Professional Services are separate from software license fees. 


The following Enli applications are typically installed with Professional Services assistance from Enli:

  • Central Worklist
  • CareManager Disease Management
  • DocuSign for Patients


  • Server migrations  If  you have an environmental change like a System of Record upgrade or a hardware change, Enli products might need to be migrated to new hardware.  Like initial installation and configuration, Enli charges Professional Services fees for assistance with migrations.

Estimated Enli software migration times

Enli Software

Estimated time

DocuSign for Patients

1  hour

CareManager Disease Management

2  hours

Central Worklist 

1  hour


  • Test environments - Customers are welcome to have Enli products installed in a test or development (non-production) environment. Because Enli does not charge additional software license fees for software installed in a test environment (exceptions may apply), Enli charges a Professional Services fee for working in a test environment.


After-Hours Services

If you need assistance outside of our  support hours of operation, please contact Enli Customer Support to request an After-Hours Request form.  Complete and sign the form, and then return it to Enli.  Enli will review the request and assign personnel to provide support.


To ensure that  Enli can fulfill your request, you must submit the After-Hours Request form at least seven calendar days in advance of the requested date of service.


If you submit the After-Hours Request form less than seven calendar days in advance, Enli cannot guarantee that personnel will be available.  If personnel is available, a fee of $2,100 will be added to the After-Hours Support invoice. This charge is ancillary to the above information and any other fees incurred.


After-Hours Billing

For After-Hours Services, Enli charges a minimum of three hours of Professional Services at a rate of $350 per hour per product and/or engineer. If  the scheduled activities take more than three hours,  Enli will charge for additional hours, as incurred, at the After-Hours Services rate.


How To Request Professional Services

To request Professional Services, please contact Enli Customer Support.  A Customer Support Engineer will review the request and provide you with a Professional Services Quote.